Victory Bicycles

Victory Bicycles produces hand-crafted reproductions of antique high-wheels which deliver the ride and look of an 1885 Victor Ordinary. Using a combination of manual machines, good old-fashioned hand tools, and modern, computer-aided machinery, we manufacture bikes that are also works of art. We feel they are the finest and most authentic reproductions made in the world today. These bikes are a harmonious blend of the best wheel knowledge from the past combined with the advanced material technology of the present. The result: a smooth ridability and pleasing balance that will astonish even the most avid Safety Bicycle enthusiast.

It is our hope that the introduction of these bikes will further the sport of cycling and increase interest in antique bicycles. If you are looking for a fine riding machine that will give you years of satisfaction and miles of joy, please inquire about our 'Wheels.'

Victory Bicycles
6935 Old Cheney Hwy
Orlando, FL 32807

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